BES ROMANIA It is a private company Romanian and Italian, founded in 1998 and its main business is selling cosmetics for hair care.Brand BES Beauty & Science is present today in over 80 countries worldwide and BES ROMANIA officially is in the top three worldwide in terms of imports of goods.



Steering Committee

1. Presidency (2017-2018) Alin Mondescu

2.Secretary (2016-2017) Ionaș Nicușor Octavian

3.Treasurer (2016-2017) Crîng-Foamete Carmen

4. Last President (2016-2017) Simion Ioan



Born in respect of traditions, but with a modern perspective on this field, so old and yet so little exploited, the company has developed and diversified activities offered market so traditional products and new products of the romanian market need .


BERG BANAT It began in 1990 with the production of welded steel and the recovery of zinc from zinc yeast and zinc ash - materials resulting from the process of galvanizing termică.Firma imposed by the professional in the Romanian economic and reliability, by targeting client, the concern for investment and innovation in technology. Currently, BERG BANAT is a trademark appreciated and recognized both in the Banat region and across the country.